The beginning of Unified

The beginning of Unified

It was early January in Minnesota and the weather outside was 50 below.  The black rifle market was saturated from distributors over-buying.  They didn’t turn the faucet off soon enough and were inundated with inventory.  The first distributor show of the year was about to kick off and the firearm industry was full of uncertainty.  To top it off, I met my business partner in Minnesota that weekend.  We spent the past two years creating a platform focused on empowering brands & retailers to directly communicate & conduct business. 

More so than ever before, change is taking place in the sporting goods industry.  That change consists of how consumers spend their money.  Amazon isn’t going away and consumers are buying more on line.  Brands are trying to figure out how to provide service to their retailers & tap into consumer direct.  Independent retailers are trying to figure out online strategies & grow instore revenues.  Big box is going more private label. 

In addition to these changes, a new workforce will soon be the majority.  By 2020 millennials will make up around 50% of the workforce.  When 2020 arrives, millennials will hold more executive and management positions.  Their management style revolves around one thing communicate, communicate, communicate.  Successful organizations will have a plan to hire the best and brightest and get millennials to buy your products.

What does all this change mean for retailer & brand owners?  It starts with how they communicate and conduct business with each other.  Never before has a platform been available to allow them to do so.  During the last 2-yrs we spent time with category leaders in the archery, hunting, and fishing world.  Our team has spent many years in all three sectors.  We listened to each of you and the feedback shaped our platform.  In our increasingly digital, consumer driven, and fast-moving business environment it’s clear the only way forward is together. 

Unified brings the curtain down, empowering retailers and brands to directly communicate and conduct business anywhere geographically.  We have delivered your platform.  The highway has been built, now it’s on you to get in and drive.  Together we have built a platform for future generations across the sporting goods industry to engage and drive productivity. 


Kyle Wilson

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